OKEx Homecoming: DELTA Summit OKEx Malta Tech Week 2019

A recap on the inspiring and fun-filled blockchain event happened on the homeland of OKEx The day has finally arrived — we’ve kicked start the DELTA Summit OKEx Malta Tech Week on September 30, 2019! On the world-renowned blockchain island, OKEx has returned to its hometown to host the annual Malta Tech Week 2019, one of the most […]

A Review of Blockchain Investment and Where Delta Summit Could Lead Us To?

Overview The annual DELTA Summit in Malta is just around the corner, and it’s one of the most important events in the blockchain and crypto industry. The Summit is expected to showcase the latest development the emerging technologies, as well as the vision of the future regulations. The timing of the conference came especially interesting […]

DELTA Summit OKEx Malta Tech Week 2019

In less than two weeks time, the blockchain event of the year will take place on the world’s blockchain island Malta, a Southern European island country famously known as the “Blockchain Island”, is home to the headquarters of the top cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe — thanks to its lucrative tax incentive system, government initiatives on crypto […]

OKEx Helps Abandoned Pets Find Home in Malta

We’ve donated to the Association for Abandoned Animals to help abandoned animals find a forever home on the Blockchain Island At OKEx, we believe the financial space and commercial world deserve a new life, and so do abandoned pets. OKEx takes its social corporate responsibility seriously and we are always looking into ways of having […]

OKEx 2018 Wrapped: Exploration and Expansion

What have we achieved and where are we heading to? The highs and lows in the blockchain and crypto space this year are no less pulsating than those in 2017. Throughout the year, despite the seemingly bearish trend in the digital assets market, we have observed maturation in investors, project teams, regulations, and technology. Riding on this […]