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Explaining the OK Jumpstart Rules Enhancement

Answers to all the frequently asked questions

Our first token sale was sold out in barely one second. Overwhelming, it is. But we will not stop at this result. OK Jumpstart was built on a simple mission — helping quality projects connect to opportunities and a liquid market, and at the same time, fueling the growth of a robust digital asset ecosystem. To fulfill this mission, we believe there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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OK Jumpstart: How Projects Are Evaluated

Read on for insider tips to get your projects launched on our token sale platform

The previous token sales have caught us by surprise with its overwhelming result. After the success, we have received increased inquiries about the application and our assessment process. In order to make the review process as transparent as we can, and at the same time to encourage project teams to take part in it, this article will reveal the evaluation model of OK Jumpstart.

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What is Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)? — The Evolution of IEO Market


The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) has been catching the interest of traders, project teams, and exchanges after the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fad has cooled off. Currently, major trading platforms such as OKEx, Binance, Bitrrex, Bitmax, Huobi, and KuCoin have conducted their own IEOs, and some of them have performed well after the issued tokens were listed on the exchanges. This article will walk you through the rise of IEOs, focusing on its unique nature, its current status quo, its advantages and limitations, and what should be done to make it more efficient.

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IEO vs ICO: What Are the Differences?

Is Initial Exchange Offering a new trend in 2019?

OK, let’s get to the point here. We’re not going to tell you how ICO boomed in 2017 to early 2018. And we’re not going to stress on how billions of dollars were raised during that period of time. We’re just going to give you a simple comparison on the two models, from the point of view of an investor.

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