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Safeguarding Your Fund Against Crypto Theft

It is never to early to be vigilant about the security of your digital assets

Crypto theft exists for a reason — it is arguably the most profitable and hardly traceable due to the nature of blockchain. Malicious attempts to get hold of your digital assets might look legit at some point, but they are easy to spot if you pay extra attention.

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How to Create an OKEx Wallet?

A step-by-step tutorial of creating the multi-currency wallet to store all your digital assets at one place

OKEx Wallet is a multi-currency storage integrated into the OKEx App, allowing you to store all your digital assets at one place.

Not to be mistaken, the OKEx Wallet is different from your funding account. OKEx Wallet gives you full control of your assets by providing an easy seed phrase setup and backup procedures.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating an OKEx Wallet.

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When Will The Next Bitcoin Bull Market Come?

A market cycle analysis framework for Bitcoin

Atthe end of June 2019, the Bitcoin (BTC) market caught everyone by surprise with a sudden price surge from around US$8,500 in early June to almost US$14,000. Although the sudden boom ceased the bull/bear argument (for the time being), this is still one big question left unanswered for the market — how to predict when the next bull run will come?

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Perfecting OKEx Futures Market

How we strike a balance between users’ interests and market risks

The launch of Perpetual Swap in December 2018 marked a key milestone for our derivatives market, not only because it is a brand new product, but also due to the associated introduction of new market risk management features, the Mark PriceTiered Maintenance Margin Ratio (TMMR) System and Forced Partial Liquidation.

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Litecoin — the Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold (Part I)

Abstract: We plan to introduce Litecoin in three articles to help our readers understand Litecoin comprehensively. The first part of this series covers the Litecoin from the perspective of its development history and current status quo, mainly focusing on its milestones reached so far, work algorithm, block reward halving, price trend, mining pool distribution, Github commits and google search trend.

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On Lightning Network (I): A Demonstration in Solidity

How to break through a blockchain trilemma

Lightning Network first appeared in the whitepaper proposed by Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja in 2015. It generated huge responses and discussions among the Bitcoin community and has been widely regarded as the second most important whitepaper on Bitcoin behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s groundbreaking work.

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OKEx Helps Abandoned Pets Find Home in Malta

We’ve donated to the Association for Abandoned Animals to help abandoned animals find a forever home on the Blockchain Island

At OKEx, we believe the financial space and commercial world deserve a new life, and so do abandoned pets.

OKEx takes its social corporate responsibility seriously and we are always looking into ways of having an impact on all aspects of society, economically, socially, and environmentally. As one of the first blockchain corporates established in Malta, we have been looking for opportunities to give back to the Blockchain Island who extended a very warm welcome to us when we decided to redomicile.

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Burn Baby, Burn: The Art of Coin Burning

How can HODLers benefit from coin burn?

You’ve probably heard of this, “scarcity is what makes it valuable”, and the same applies to the crypto world. Unlike fiat currencies, crypto is deflationary in nature. When a coin is scarce, its price tends to go up, because it’s human nature to grab when supply decreases. So theoretically, by intentionally reducing the total circulating supply of a coin, its value will increase. That’s when ‘coin burning’ comes into play.

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