Recap on Ask-Me-Anything about Hedera Hashgraph

A sneak peek at the decentralized public network of tomorrow It has been our great pleasure to invite David Hsiao (@CryptoGodfatha), CEO of Block Journal, and Jordan Fried (@jordanfried), Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, Hedera Hashgraph, to introduce the whys and wherefores of Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) at a Twitter live stream on 13 Sep. […]

DELTA Summit OKEx Malta Tech Week 2019

In less than two weeks time, the blockchain event of the year will take place on the world’s blockchain island Malta, a Southern European island country famously known as the “Blockchain Island”, is home to the headquarters of the top cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe — thanks to its lucrative tax incentive system, government initiatives on crypto […]

Paris Blockchain Week Summit — What Makes It Unique?

World’s top blockchain experts gathered in Paris for the event Led by our Head of Operations, Andy Cheung, the OKEx team arrived at Station F, a startup-incubating campus in Paris where the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) was held. Under the skylight windows were countless different blockchain project booths filled with tech-savvy professionals jabbering about blockchain, network, and […]

OKEx 2018 Wrapped: Exploration and Expansion

What have we achieved and where are we heading to? The highs and lows in the blockchain and crypto space this year are no less pulsating than those in 2017. Throughout the year, despite the seemingly bearish trend in the digital assets market, we have observed maturation in investors, project teams, regulations, and technology. Riding on this […]