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Paris Blockchain Week Summit — What Makes It Unique?

World’s top blockchain experts gathered in Paris for the event

Led by our Head of Operations, Andy Cheung, the OKEx team arrived at Station F, a startup-incubating campus in Paris where the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) was held. Under the skylight windows were countless different blockchain project booths filled with tech-savvy professionals jabbering about blockchain, network, and of course, the cryptocurrency market.

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OKEx is Going Farther to More Former-Soviet States

A throwback to our meetups in Kharkiv and Yerevan

A list of crypto-friendly countries would not be complete without naming the former-Soviet states.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, former-Soviet states have been eager to restructure their outmoded financial systems through different ways, but the chance didn’t come until the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. Since then, many of the states have begun to look to blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a hope to make a comeback, economically and politically.

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OKEx C2C Network Launch Event — London (GBP) & Istanbul (TRY)

Celebrate the launch of the new currencies with us

After the launch of Thai Baht (THB) on our C2C Trading platform, we are heading to Europe next. On Mar 21, 2019, we will be in London for the launch of British Pound (GBP); and on Mar 26, 2019, we will be in Istanbul for the launch of Turkish Lira (TRY) for C2C Trading.

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OKEx 2018 Wrapped: Exploration and Expansion

What have we achieved and where are we heading to?

The highs and lows in the blockchain and crypto space this year are no less pulsating than those in 2017.

Throughout the year, despite the seemingly bearish trend in the digital assets market, we have observed maturation in investors, project teams, regulations, and technology. Riding on this tide, we have taken some bold steps aiming to further accelerate the growth of blockchain technology and digital assets.

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OKEx Launched Perpetual Swap

Let’s revisit the exciting product launch in OKEx NEXTGEN Conference

(Funding time details updated on Dec 14, 2018)

Since launched, OKEx’s futures trading has been widely embraced by our institutional and professional traders and miners, making us the leader in the crypto derivatives market. With that said, we have noticed the market demands a more flexible and convenient derivative product. Therefore, as outlined in our futures product development roadmap earlier this year, we officially launched the long-awaited Perpetual Swap today (Dec 3, 2018) during the OKEx NEXTGEN Conference.

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Recap of OKEx’s Presence at DELTA Summit

This October means a lot not only to us, but also Malta and blockchain and crypto industry. The DELTA Summit was held from 3rd to 5th at InterContinental Malta, gathering a hundred of top-notch industry players and thousands of participants from around the world.

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