OKEx Research: Ecosystem, and Innovative Products

Highlights 1. OKB is now on the stage. OKB, OKEx’s global utility token, got into more connection with other major tokens. This might be combined with four new partnerships, which are expanding OKB’s utility in their own ecosystems. 2. ETH’s dominance caught up. BTC brought back its connectedness to the overall market, slightly higher than ETH, which […]

OKEx Research: High Volatility, Chance for Profit or Loss?

In the previous report, we found the volatilities of OKEx’s nine major tokens are clustering on different levels relatively. As shown below, the simultaneous tide-up and -down volatility of overall markets at recent price-up and -down got attention from the market participants. Further deeper, from the correlation report, we observed BSV’s volatility level is pretty […]

OKEx Strategy: BTC Monthly Range Study

Overview Bitcoin traders are all familiar with how volatile cryptocurrency prices could be, but with the right strategy, such as setting ideal entry and exit points, traders will get a higher chance to identify the right directions and able to capitalize in a turbulence market. Despite cryptocurrency remains largely a young asset class and far […]

Turnkeys, Two Tokens at Bullish Time

After touching the recent lowest point at the end of September, overall prices of tokens in October brought back to the previous level with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s favorable comments on blockchain technology. As shown below, at the end of September and October, simultaneous high-level volatility of overall markets moved asset prices up and down, […]

Global Markets Review: October 2019

Best of OKEx OKEx Perspectives OKEx Technicals OKEx Quant OKEx Strategy  OKEx Events Crypto Market Recap October was a rollercoaster ride month for cryptocurrency watchers, as the prices of bitcoin have produced a 3208.9 USDT trading band last month over the OKEx trading platform. OKEx’s BTCUSD Index gained 11.37% in October, it was the first monthly […]

After DCEP: A Race of Digitalizing Currencies

Overview Digital Currency Electronic Payment or DCEP has become the latest buzzword in the blockchain community, as China announced a series of blockchain initiatives amid capitalizing on this emerging technology. The country’s push on rolling out a digital version of yuan could bring a significant impact to the global blockchain landscape, potentially accelerate the adoption […]

Does Bitcoin Need Libra?

What does libra’s skepticism tell you about bitcoin? Overview Facebook’s dream of being a cryptocurrency giant seems becoming more unrealizable by days, as the increasing regulatory uncertainty is seemingly jeopardizing the company’s Libra project. While it seems that Libra has been surrounded by everything but good news even before it’s born, crypto watchers should ask themselves, […]

How to Use Value at Risk (VaR) to Manage Your Assets

The crypto market is known for its extreme volatility, where the price of cryptocurrencies can vigorously fluctuate within a short period of time. In a market full of uncertainty, managing risks is therefore crucial for any traders, only by analyzing the possible risks of investments can traders determine the extent and occurrence ratio of potential […]