OKEx Ecosystem: A Recap on AMA with OKEx CEO Jay Hao

Revisit the live chat with 5,500+ fans about our plans and development Following the previous Ask-Me-Anything session on our new offering USDT-margined futures, our CEO Mr. Jay Hao was up for another AMA on Nov 12 to talk about another exciting topic, the ecosystem of OKEx, on our English Telegram group. Ecosystem is a huge […]

USDT-margined Futures or Token-margined Futures?

Making the most out of your derivatives Have you tried our newly launched USDT-margined futures?  What’s USDT Futures? USDT futures contract is a linear derivative product quoted and settled in USDT. Each contract has a face value of a fixed amount of digital tokens, traders can long a position to profit from the increase of a […]

OKEx Jumpstart #9 — ROAD

A commercial revolution of Distributed Internet-of-Vehicles On Nov 14, OKEx Jumpstart will welcome its 9th token sale of ROAD, a distributed Internet-of-Vehicles economic system, that aims at building an auto-ledger covering full life-cycle interaction and accounting system for vehicles based on blockchain technology. The trend in the automotive industry Despite the boom in the global […]

Kick-start USDT-Margined Futures Trading

Kick-start USDT-Margined Futures Trading A Step-by-step guide for trading simulation We’re launching the USDT-margined futures this week! This new virtual derivative product is quoted and settled in USDT stablecoin, and each contract has a face value of a fixed amount of cryptocurrencies. Traders can long a position to profit from the increase of a cryptocurrency’s price, […]

OKEx vs BitMEX: Perpetual Swap Trading Liquidity

A comparison between the two leading perpetual swap markets OKEx Perpetual swap is one of the most popular derivative products that hit the market this year. Since introduced, the trading volume of the never-expiring contract has continued to break its record high thanks to its well-received highly leveraged nature. At the same time as the launch […]

OKEx Jumpstart: New Rules Explained

4 points to note so as to secure your allotment in OKEx’s token sales In a Nutshell There is no more first-come, first-served subscription session. Your allotment amount will be determined based on your OKB holding amount and period, or your trading volume. New rules will be effective from the upcoming 9th token sale. Since its launch, […]