Since its establishment over two years ago, OKEx has developed into one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto derivatives markets, thanks to our advanced trading and order matching engine, risk management system, as well as market transparency. Despite the success on the field, our operation is never confined to trading.

OKers strongly believe in the token economy and the power of blockchain technology that they will eventually transform traditional sectors. Over the past few years, we have nurtured a group of outstanding entrepreneurs who now also take the lead to explore the potential of blockchain and push forward its adoption to many corners around the world. We have always strived for rebuilding human trust and reshaping the global financial order with blockchain technology and the node-to-node network.

With such a mission, we have to extend ourselves far beyond what a crypto exchange is meant to be, and grow into a comprehensive ecosystem in the long run. To this end, we are progressively developing two pillars, namely “OK+” strategic investment and “+OK” project empowerment, enabling our users, project teams, communities, and ecosystem to leverage our capital, underlying technology, and market liquidity for bigger initiatives.

On top of our cryptocurrency exchange platform, we have also created OKEx Pool, OKEx Wallet, OKNodes, OK Capital, OKChain, OKB, and USDK stablecoin over the years to sow seeds for a blockchain-driven transformation. Blockchain technology can make industry consensus and community autonomy more achievable by building trust and creating value. As part of our decentralized ecosystem, those products and services are created out of our vision of the future.

1. OKEx — cryptocurrency exchange

OKEx is a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange that offers fiat-to-crypto, spot, and derivatives trading services. We are well-received by the crypto market for our broad product portfolio, effective risk management system, advanced order matching engine, secure crypto storage service, and 24/7 customer support. We offer secure and reliable trading services with great market depth and pricing discovery function to users from over 150+ countries.

2. OKEx Pool

OKEx Pool is an innovative mining pool with higher yields. A crucial part of OKEx’s ecosystem and supernodes of over 20 projects, OKEx Pool supports mining of a plethora of PoW, PoS, and PoS-variant cryptocurrencies and offers hedging service within a maximum period of 180 days. We also give back 100% of mining rewards to users, communities, and ecosystems to foster community and ecosystem building. For example, we have contributed more than 115 million votes to the EOS community.

3. OKEx Wallet

The world’s first crypto wallet embedded to an exchange platform, OKEx Wallet currently supports multiple blockchains and most ERC-20 tokens. More cryptocurrencies will be supported in the future. Adopting a multi-layer security mechanism, it offers a safe, convenient, seamless, and frictionless user experience to our clients.

4. OKNodes

OKNodes provides white-label solutions for project teams from around the world to build their own cryptocurrency exchanges making use of our extensive experience in technology and product development. Project teams can obtain the spot trading, fiat-to-crypto trading, and multi-platform technology support from OKEx, and at the same time, enjoy the great market depth and liquidity of OKEx immediately after launching their exchanges on OKNodes. Our ecosystem enables our OKNodes partners to quickly get the exchange up and running.

5. OK Capital

OK Capital aims to promote the “OK+” strategic investment and “+OK” project empowerment pillars as its core competitiveness. Focusing on the promotion of underlying blockchain technologies, token economy, decentralized finance (DeFi), and tech adoption, it aims to accelerate the development of early-stage projects and their ecosystems. It also serves a bridge between crypto projects and the market, helping them explore, support, and accelerate in terms of marketing, tech development, and application adoption.

6. OKChain

OKChain is a self-developed public blockchain by OKEx based on a Cosmos SDK forked chain. It is the underlying architecture of the OKB ecosystem, which is added with payment function. While maintaining the cross-chain features of Cosmos SDK, it will undergo security and efficiency optimization designed for DeFi. OKDEX will be the first DApp launched on OKChain.

We have always been finding our position in the blockchain ecosystem. The core value of OKChain is credit enhancement, which currently is most needed for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. To put it in another way, what OKChain offers is not certain technologies, but products and services.

7. OKB — our global utility token

OKB, OKEx’s global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation, is designed by our top-notch team of developers. It allows our users and professional investors to invest in selected blockchain projects with OKB. Without a doubt, OKB is the heart of our ecosystem.

OKB holders can enjoy a range of privileges, rewards and discounts, such as transaction fee discounts for spot and derivatives trading, subscription for OKEx Jumpstart token sales, as well as payment for cybersecurity services, travel, and entertainment. You can simply buy OKB on our fiat-to-crypto C2C market and spot market. Following the launch of OKChain testnet and mainnet, we expect to see a more rapid growth of the OKB ecosystem.

8. USDK stablecoin

USDK is an ERC-20 token issued by Prime Trust on Ethereum blockchain, which will be the stablecoin for the OKChain ecosystem in the future. Issued and redeemable from Prime Trust at a fixed rate of USD1=1USDK, the stablecoin is deposited to Prime Trust’s special account for custody. Each USDK is backed with USD1 in the reserve fund. What’s more, an audit firm is engaged to produce audit reports monthly to ensure market transparency and compliance with regulations. This is why USDK is blessed with safety, credibility, and high liquidity.

With technology, OKEx is set to create a fair and open world

Nothing stops OKEx to bring new energy to blockchain technology. In order to foster community and ecosystem building by virtue of capital, technology and ecosystem, we are committed to technological breakthroughs in the realm of blockchain and transforming blockchain technology into a new, fair and socially beneficial system, and thus, taking cryptocurrency off to a scalable and successful future. People will more easily access to crypto and blockchain all over the world.

It is our goal to grow with the blockchain and crypto sectors by building partnerships with more project teams and investors. We will make our way into the best blockchain pioneer through introducing innovative, diversified, and high-standard products and services to our users.

OKers are faithful believers in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It is very possible that decentralization will help rebuild trust and encourage equal participation among people in the blockchain era. Therefore, they group together from dozens of countries to pursue a blockchain-enabled future. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are the ways to achieve equality and liberty. We wish to make this dream come true with all community members.

Disclaimer: This material should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions. Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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