During 2017–2018, the crypto space swung from bull to bear and buzzed with excitement about the launch of ICO, IFO, IMO, IEO and IXO. However, the lack of proper regulations over cryptocurrencies, unfortunately, contributed to the emergence of scam coins. Plus, the lack of market transparency and information asymmetry also hinder investors to obtain sufficient information, making it hard for them to make well-informed decisions and identify quality projects.

The purpose of technological advancement is to improve human life and safeguard our well-being. This is not only a 20th-century idea that Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer seek to explore, but also a quest of today’s crypto communities: Is token issuance causing widespread social disapproval today? How to strike a balance between innovation and industry self-discipline?

These have exceeded merely technological concerns. Crypto communities should plan ahead and focus on the wider application of blockchain technology and token economy in the future. While the public has higher expectations for blockchain development, the communities need to bear greater responsibilities in fostering technological development.

Blockchain technology allows people to step into the crypto market without relying on third-party trust, further highlighting the importance of market transparency. At the early crypto development stage, OKEx, as an industry trailblazer and evangelist, dared to explore the possibilities of blockchain usage. Today, after years of endeavor, OKEx has become synonymous with innovative products and services for our global users.

As a proud leader of the industry, we are glad to have earned wide support from users, traders, investment institutions and project teams; and thus, we, to a certain extent, also have to shoulder the responsibility to lead the growth of the crypto sector. Our extensive operation experience and high transparency have enabled us to crack industry issues and facilitated the development of the crypto sector with concrete actions.

We are committed to offering transparent market information to you

As a neutral exchange and professional market service provider, we have to consider how to effectively protect the trading and asset security of users, investors, and project teams, and how to enhance information transparency to enable them to make well-informed decisions.

Being one of the world’s largest and most trusted crypto exchanges, we offer a variety of project and investment options to our users. On Project Info, our own comprehensive and objective crypto market information platform, traders can access market information with ease. With our sufficient, timely, and transparent trading data, investors can now make better investment decisions with our market insights.

OKEx’s derivatives trading data

OKEx was the first to introduce a delisting system in 2018. As a gatekeeper, we continuously monitor the status of all listed token projects by formulating our listing review process and delisting criteria. With OKEx Jumpstart, our IEO platform, we enable investors to invest in high-quality assets less than half of their private sale prices. Our lockup scheme, which ensures private sale tokens are locked while IEO tokens are not, provides an extra layer of protection to our users’ interests.

We take actions to protects our users’ asset and trading security

In the face of the industry bottleneck, OKEx is not afraid to take the lead to foster blockchain development and adoption. We have helped many projects acquire funding and build their ecosystems, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits blockchain brings to the world.

We spare no effort to benefit users, project teams, and the crypto industry. For example, we injected 2,500 BTC into our insurance fund to reduce market risks after a forced liquidation case in 2018. As of today, we have injected a total of USD33 million into our insurance fund from our own capital, just so as to protect our traders’ interest. In September 2019, an industry fund of 1,000 BTC was set up to support the development of derivatives trading, and thus, minimize asset losses.

We demand ourselves high standards to offer reliable services

Blockchain is designed to be a trusted medium among human beings and nodes. From crypto communities to DAOs, the essence of blockchain technology and decentralized community has been an exploration of the tie between the community governance mechanism and community members. To further promote blockchain development, we believe that self-discipline and social responsibility are key to the betterment of not only the industry, but also mankind.

To this end, we will continue to demand ourselves high standard when designing and offering services to you. We take it as our mission to protect your interests, empower the crypto community, as well as promote the healthy development of the crypto industry. On the journey to the blockchain-driven future, we wish to grow with all of you in the years to come.

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