Celebrating our past, inspiring the future

You might know us as the leading crypto exchange on The Blockchain Island, but do you know we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary this 31st October?

OKEx has come a long way to become one of the world’s largest spot and futures digital asset exchanges. Since established, we’ve already listed over 400 futures and spot trading pairs and boasts a high trading volume. Yet things haven’t been all rosy for us, especially when we constantly have to face accusations and criticism from competitors.

Today, we are turning a new page with a robust OKB ecosystem, enhanced trading and security systems, innovative projects and global expansion. To commemorate this momentous occasion, let’s look forward to these exciting projects that we’ve been working on for months, which are expected to come in 2020!

Global Self-Regulated Organization (SRO)

As an industry leader, we have boldly taken a step forward to make things better for the whole industry. Only by working together can exchanges set standards to usher in financial security for millions of people, that’s why we established a Global Self-Regulated Organization (SRO) to connect fellow exchanges in the industry.

Announced during the keynote at the DELTA Summit, SRO is a standard set of practices and policies that are put in place. It is an independent, membership-based organization that is open to exchanges of all sizes and jurisdictions. SRO urges members in the global crypto-trading community to join hands in establishing standards for market-making, listings, and delistings of digital assets, and other items critical to the growth of the entire industry.

We hope that member exchanges can work together to define and adopt standards to promote digital asset adoption globally and add value to the community by protecting investors and traders while fostering innovation throughout the OKB ecosystem.

OKChain & OKDEx

It’s finally happening — the new proprietary blockchain “OKChain” is at the final development stage and the testnet is about to launch. When the OKChain becomes stable, we will migrate OKB, the native token of the network, from the Ethereum ERC-20 token to our own OKChain mainnet.

Our first decentralized exchange (DEX) will also be available on the network by that time, and we will open the supernodes election for the blockchain. With OKB, users can vote for their favorite supernode candidate and settle transaction fees on OKDEx. OKB will also be used for token pre-sales, and project teams will need to pay super nodes OKB as service fees in the future.

USDT-margined & Token-margined Contracts & Swaps

The demand for futures trading has always been strong in the crypto industry, and many crypto exchanges are seeking to enter the space. To offer users more options in trading, we will be launching futures on Tether’s USDT very soon, scheduled to go live in November this year.

The two new derivative instruments will allow users to open leveraged positions or enter into a leveraged position to buy or sell an asset, in this case, with USDT.

By using only USDT as the collateral, users are now able to open BTC, ETH, and any other contracts, without the hassle of switching between different cryptocurrencies, saving time and costs.

USDT Futures Contracts will be launched on Nov. 14, and the simulation will start on Nov. 5. USDT Perpetual Swap will be launched on Dec. 9, and the simulation will start on Nov. 30.

OKMSX, a Security Digital Asset Exchange

After relocating our headquarter to Malta, we’ve teamed up with MSX, the digital and fintech arm of Malta Stock Exchange Holdings, to co-launch a new exchange to support Malta’s Blockchain Island initiative. This joint venture marks our confidence in the Maltese government as well as our commitment to providing an efficient, secure, and transparent blockchain trading environment to users worldwide.

Andy Cheung, our Head of Operations referred to the trading platform as an “institutional-grade exchange for security tokens” that’ll leverage the exchange’s “digital asset operations and technology expertise”. Taking advantage of the Malta Stock Exchange’s experience in regulatory compliance, OKMSX has been in the works for one year and is now nearing its final development stage, with the launch expected in the first half of 2020.

More OKB Applications

Since the OKB migration to the Ethereum blockchain in April this year, we have been endeavoring to accelerate the mass adoption of our native token into as many aspects in daily life as possible. Recently, we are proud to have introduced on our CEO Jay Hao’s Twitter 14 new ways you can use your OKB, including receiving financial services, enhancing your cybersecurity, and online shopping, etc. !

We sincerely want to express our biggest thank you to our customers, partners, and everyone who has been supporting and standing by us. We will continue to perfect the robust blockchain ecosystem for users, and we’re all set to connect excellent innovative blockchain projects, in order to facilitate the eco-development for OKEx and to drive the advancement of the blockchain and digital assets industry.

Disclaimer: This material should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions. Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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