On the 8th of October, OKEx hosted a Talks event in Amsterdam, bringing together four experienced crypto traders to share their day-to-day experiences in the profession.

Our Community Manager, Eléonore Blanc, kicked off the event with a fun trivia quiz, testing the audience’s knowledge of the OKEx exchange, as well as crypto trading.

We were then introduced to our speakers, David van Ineveld of Crypto Insiders and Michael van de Poppe of BonSanca, who shared stories of how they entered the world of digital assets and gave us a glimpse into how they approach trading.

David, a trader, investor, and columnist for a popular blog in The Netherlands, Crypto Insiders, shared the importance of diversifying your investments, within crypto trading as well as other assets. (To watch David’s full presentation, watch this video created by Crypto Insiders)

Michael, who is a full-time trader at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and founder of BonSanca, a company that coaches people in trading, debunked the misconceptions of what the life of a trader looks like, sharing the many daily challenges and the mindset needed for traders to overcome these obstacles.

Two more speakers, Ruud Feltkamp of Cryptohopper and Arthur Stolk of Icoinic joined for the panel discussion, where they also shared their best and worst moments as traders, their go-to sources for relevant industry news, and the importance of staying up to date.

We ended the Talks with networking over drinks and bitterballen, and great conversation amongst the attendees. Thank you to all our speakers and everyone who came along and hope to see you all again at our next event!

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