OKEx: Defining Blockchain and Redefining Finance

Ever wondered how many digital asset exchanges are there in the market? The number of crypto exchanges has been booming rapidly, recording over 20,000 exchanges globally — more than the number of ICO projects! Competition is getting more intense, and the industry is growing faster than anyone could have imagined, but OKEx has been proudly occupying the […]

OKEx Amsterdam Talks — Life of a Trader

On the 8th of October, OKEx hosted a Talks event in Amsterdam, bringing together four experienced crypto traders to share their day-to-day experiences in the profession. Our Community Manager, Eléonore Blanc, kicked off the event with a fun trivia quiz, testing the audience’s knowledge of the OKEx exchange, as well as crypto trading. We were […]

OKEx vs BitMEX: Perpetual Swap Trading Liquidity

A comparison between the two leading perpetual swap markets OKEx Perpetual swap is one of the most popular derivative products that hit the market this year. Since introduced, the trading volume of the never-expiring contract has continued to break its record high thanks to its well-received highly leveraged nature. At the same time as the launch […]

OKEx Homecoming: DELTA Summit OKEx Malta Tech Week 2019

A recap on the inspiring and fun-filled blockchain event happened on the homeland of OKEx The day has finally arrived — we’ve kicked start the DELTA Summit OKEx Malta Tech Week on September 30, 2019! On the world-renowned blockchain island, OKEx has returned to its hometown to host the annual Malta Tech Week 2019, one of the most […]

The Possible US-China Currency Pact: Game Changer?

How bitcoin could react if the Chinese yuan appreciates significantly Overview The resume of the US-China trade talks is one of the major focuses in the financial markets this week, while the markets didn’t have high hopes of reaching a deal, whether it’s a full or a partial deal, the potential currency pact between the […]

Altcoin Season: To Be or Not to Be?

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles. Overview The cryptocurrency markets seem going through another trendless situation as major cryptos have initially recovered from the September selloff. Despite some of the altcoins have rebounded to the pre-selloff levels, yet, they mostly remained in the upper side […]

Market Behavior in Times of Bitcoin’s Rough Slump

Interesting price behaviors and figures on the major tokens Bitcoin price drastically dropped 12% on September 25th, at the same time, the vast majority of digital assets recorded significant losses. In this analytical research report, we performed a correlation analysis of OKEx traded tokens using the method in the previous research, to find out how the […]

OKEx Technical Weekly: Oct 8, 2019

Technical analysis of this week’s crypto trading market A long way home: Road to recovery The prices of bitcoin started the week at 8200 levels as China returned from the National Week holidays. Over the weekend, the leading cryptocurrency briefly dipped into the 7700 area, before the rebound on Monday. Previously, OKEx Technicals explained why the area […]