Revisiting the fabulous evening where ideas for crypto development sparked

OKEx held an Institutional Talks event in London on September 18, in partnership with GSR, a leading algorithmic cryptocurrency trading firm, as we discussed the current regulatory landscape for institutions in the crypto market.

Our panel of industry leaders represented a diverse range of industries, providing insights from legal, trading, digital asset management, and industry body perspectives.

They began the session by commenting that compared to the traditional financial industry, the crypto industry is extremely small and therefore is not yet a heavy focus for regulators. However, with wider institutional adoption of crypto, the panelists believed that there would be many regulatory changes to come, and it is important for institutions to stay on top of these regulations.

The panel also discussed industry best practices, challenges and solutions, and changes in regulations to look out for the future, setting the tone for a positive future ahead in the crypto space.

Thank you to our speakers from GSR, Simmons & Simmons, Prime Factor Capital, and Global Digital Finance, for joining us and sharing thoughtful insights and expertise on the regulatory landscape in the crypto market.

Last but not least, please enjoy the photos of the amazing evening.

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