Greedy When Others Are Fearful?

Can technical analysis guide you through Bitcoin’s September selloff? Overview It has been another rollercoaster-ride week for crypto traders, as the prices of bitcoin plummeted to 8200 levels in less than 24 hours, and major altcoins suffered double-digit losses. While the panic levels of the markets have certainly surged, what does this selloff could tell […]

Exit Strategy: When to Stop Loss & Take Profit

Liquidation is a very critical step of trading. Reasonably taking profit or stopping loss is the premise of achieving stable profits. Where a trader does not formulate a reasonable liquidation strategy or hesitates to place take profit or stop loss orders, his gain will be directly affected. This article will briefly examine how to reasonably […]

A Review of Blockchain Investment and Where Delta Summit Could Lead Us To?

Overview The annual DELTA Summit in Malta is just around the corner, and it’s one of the most important events in the blockchain and crypto industry. The Summit is expected to showcase the latest development the emerging technologies, as well as the vision of the future regulations. The timing of the conference came especially interesting […]

OKEx Institutional Talks @ London

Revisiting the fabulous evening where ideas for crypto development sparked OKEx held an Institutional Talks event in London on September 18, in partnership with GSR, a leading algorithmic cryptocurrency trading firm, as we discussed the current regulatory landscape for institutions in the crypto market. Our panel of industry leaders represented a diverse range of industries, […]

OKEx Technical Weekly: Sep 23, 2019

Technical analysis of this week’s crypto trading market Crypto watchers will kick start their week with the official launch of Bakkt, the highly anticipated exchange which provides physically-settled bitcoin futures and backed by the Intercontinental Exchange. Crypto market participants have been expecting that Bakkt would further drive bitcoin’s institutional interest under a regulated environment and hopefully […]