The new changes will allow you to make better use of your funds

Starting August 22, we will change the settlement time for futures contracts from 10am every Friday to 10am every day (CEST, UTC+2)

The release (migration) schedule is as follows:

  • TRX: Aug 22, 2019
  • BSV, ETC: Aug 26, 2019
  • XRP, BCH, LTC: Aug 28, 2019
  • EOS, ETH, BTC: Aug 30, 2019


Launch of Futures Contract Daily Settlement and Adjustments of Perpetual Swap Settlement and…

Why are we making such changes?

We’re implementing the daily settlement because we want to allow our customers to make better use of their funds, hence delivering a better trading experience.

In futures trading, profits and losses are realized when a position is closed. However, customers are not able to transfer the realized profits our of their accounts before the settlement. Their funds are locked away in the futures account until the settlement on Friday.

After daily settlement is implemented, customers will be able to freely move their funds in and out of their futures account without waiting until Friday.

More improvements to be implemented

Our team has been working very hard on perfecting our derivatives markets. Previously, we have launched the Futures and Perpetual Swap Trading Market Data, which aims to help customers be better informed for making their trading decisions. You can also learn more about the new feature here.

In response to our customers’ demands, we will also be rolling out a series of algo orders for both futures and perpetual swap trading. Please stay tuned.

We want to hear from you

Send us your feedback — anything that’s on your mind — whether good or bad, compliments or criticisms, we want to hear it. If something is bothering you, we’ll work to fix it. If you like something we’re doing, we’ll continue to do it. Your insights are critically important, and we want to make sure we’re continually raising the bar on your experience with OKEx.

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