Get familiar with OKEx’s token sale platform in just minutes

What is OK Jumpstart?

OKEx launched OK Jumpstart, a token sale platform to help quality blockchain projects go public and get listed in a liquid and world-class market, and at the same time, help fuel the growth of the blockchain market and ecosystem healthily.

How Does the Token Sale Work?

subscription + allotment approach is adopted on OK Jumpstart. The subscription will open for 30 minutes. And it will close early if the oversubscription limit is reached. Allotment will then follow.

How to Participate?

  1. Minimum threshold: Hold at least 500 OKB for 7 consecutive days, or buy in 3,500 OKB before the snapshot time on the token sale day.
  2. To secure your subscription: Hold at least 2,500 OKB for 7 consecutive days, or buy in 17,500 OKB before the snapshot time on the token sale day.
  3. To get the most: Split your OKB to different accounts (of your friends and family). Keep 2,500 OKB in each account for 7 consecutive days, or buy in 17,500 OKB using different accounts before the snapshot time on the token sale day.

When is the Snapshot Time?

11 am (CET, UTC+1) daily from 7 days before the token sale day. For example, if the first session of the subscription starts on Apr 9th, then the snapshot period will be Apr 2nd to 8th.

How to Subscribe?

OKB is the only accepted token for the token sale. Each token sale will have its own individual cap, which will be announced before the sale.

How does Allotment Work?

Users will be assigned an allotment coefficient by our system based on the amount of their 7-day OKB holdings.

The more the OKB you hold, the more the tokens you will be allotted. You can get the maximum coefficient by holding >2,500 OKB per day.

And your allotment will be calculated based on this formula:

For example:

Token supply = 300

Oversubscription limit =1,500

The 7-day OKB holding of A — 5,000 OKB. Therefore, coefficient = 1

The 7-day OKB holding of B — 10,000 OKB. Therefore, coefficient = 2

The 7-day OKB holding of C — 18,000 OKB. Therefore, coefficient = 5

The 7-day OKB holding of D — 1,000 OKB. Therefore, coefficient = 0 (Not eligible)

Let us assume that the subscription amount of user A, B, C, are 800, 300, and 400 tokens respectively, the corresponding amount of OKB will then be locked up. After the subscription ends, they will be allotted the following number of tokens based on their coefficients:

Risk Warning: Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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