Let’s join OKEx Security Response Center and make OKEx even more secure

Although we are very proud to boast a clean slate of security record, we can’t be more careful when it comes to the security of your assets and data — that’s why in November 2018, we launched a new safety feature, OKEx Security Response Center. And now, we would like to invite you to join forces with us and help to keep OKEx as one of the most secure places for digital assets.

What is OKEx Security Response Center?

OKEx Security Response Center is designed to collect, process, and fix any security vulnerability found on OKEx website, app, and any other systems of OKEx. We promise that our dedicated security team will take immediate actions to follow up with your security reports and inform you the results in time.

As a gesture of gratitude, we will offer you digital asset rewards for all valid reports based on their risk levels.

How are risks classified and what reward will be given?

To incentivize all users and whitehats to help us discover potential vulnerabilities, we designed a four-tier risk and reward system, through which we hope to share the fruit of our security work with all contributors.

Serious Risks
Loopholes in our core business systems that may endanger the security of users’ assets and data.
Reward: 8 – 10 ETH

High Risks
Unauthorized operation, serious SQL injection, loopholes that could cause large-scale impact to users, source code leakage, etc.
Reward: 5 – 7 ETH

Medium Risks
Loopholes that could affect some users, alteration of user data, etc.
Reward: 2 – 4 ETH

Low Risks
Regular CSRF, SMS bombs, normal data leakage, etc.
Reward: 0 – 1 ETH

For detailed risk classification and definitions, please refer to:

When and how will the reward be given?

Once your vulnerability report is confirmed as valid, our customer support team will follow up with you for details in order for us to fix the loophole. After the remedy work is complete, your reward will be delivered to your OKEx wallet within 2 working days.

It is your support that drives us forward

As always, if you have any opinion on the reporting process, risk classification, and risk rating, please contact our customer support via support@okex.comfor immediate communication.

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