Determined to become the world’s Blockchain Island, Malta is setting the scene for a blockchain- and crypto-friendly business environment for industry players from all over the world. As the world’s leading digital asset exchange, OKEx is very proud to join forces with the Maltese government and be part of this bold and historical move to revolutionize the world with blockchain technology.

With our re-domiciliation to Malta and the on-going establishment of OKMSX, a joint-venture security token exchange by OKEx and Malta Stock Exchange, OKEx has become a major influence and driving force in Malta’s blockchain development. And more plans are coming up.

In recognition of our efforts, we are very honored to be presented with the Crypto Exchange of the Year 2018 award at the Malta Blockchain Awards held on October 31, 2018, during the Malta Blockchain Week.

This is the very moment the entire OKEx team is so proud of:

“At OKEx, we have this motto, ‘It’s OK to be daring’. So, what does it mean to be daring? For us, to be daring is to be a leader, to be bold, and to be courageous, and to move forward in the wake of uncertainty, and these are the same exact traits we saw in Malta. So, we are very excited to be part of this initiative in Malta. On behalf of my team here, in Malta, and on behalf of the entire OKEx company, thank you for the award.”

– Jovan Gavrilovic, General Manager.

Besides this short but powerful speech made by Jovan Gavrilovic, our General Manager, our Head of Operations Andy Cheung also expressed our resolution in offering the best services to our users:

“These awards are particularly gratifying as they reflect a vote of confidence from industry leaders, who recognize our ongoing efforts. Like we said, we dare to innovate and will keep pushing the limits of what is possible. Receiving this honor is truly a testament to our unrelenting effort in making changes in the crypto and blockchain industry. We never stop innovating to create the best user experience, to build a robust ecosystem, to improve the crypto industry, and above all, to revolutionize our world with blockchain technology. As a leader, continuing to improve the ecosystem is not only our promise, it is also our responsibility,”

– Andy Cheung, OKEx’s Head of Operations

All in all, thank you very much, our partners and users, for the support you have given to OKEx. Without you, we could never be here. We will carry on the daring spirit and continue to offer the best services to all users.

Jovan Gavrilovic, OKEx General Manager
The Crypto Exchange of the Year 2018 award

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