API v3, WebSocket compression, and read-only API are available

A favorite solution for automated trading, OKEx’s API has been a handy but powerful tool for our users offered with different tailored permissions to optimize their strategies.

To better our algorithmic trading experience, we decided to go the extra mile and rolled out several upgrades on our API this October.

API v3

The API v3 is redesigned to support additional functionality with improved stability, enabling you to instantly capture market trends, check available and locked balance, and manage orders.

  • Three permission categories: enquiry, withdrawal & trade
  • New features include:
    1. Support for margin & ETT trading
    2. Customized order IDs
    3. Batched order cancellation
    4. Easier management and asset transfer between main and sub-accounts
  • Maximum of 50 sets of APIs can be created. An API change may take 1 minute to come into effect.
  • Our updated documentation is available here: http://www.okex.com/docs

There is no upgrading required. While the concurrent use of new (v3) and old (v1) APIs is supported currently, please also note that v1 will be disabled soon. You are advised to upgrade to v3 as soon as possible to ensure a smooth trading experience.

WebSocket Message Compression

To improve data transmission efficiency, we launched the WebSocket message compression upgrade on Oct 16, 2018. Please note that:

Read-only API

With the read-only API, you or someone with your permission can track transactions via a separate read-only API key.

To access this feature, please go to the “API” section of your account, generate a new API key, and select “read-only”.

If you encounter any problem when setting up, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@okex.com.

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