Ask yourself these questions to make sure your project can (likely) be listed on OKEx

Why do most project teams yearn to get their projects listed on a major exchange, even after a successful initial offering?

Because not only does it help them reach out to a larger pool of traders to boost the circulation and liquidity of their tokens, securing enough funds for project development, it also adds credibility to their projects.

Since the digital asset market is still evolving, listing requirements vary from exchange to exchange. However, for the largest exchanges in the market, such as OKEx, the listing procedure tends to be more rigorous so as to screen out fraudulent or unqualified projects. Andy Cheung, our head of Operations, has already given some tips on LinkedIn to project teams who want to get their projects listed on OKEx.

To get your listing campaign off the ground without hassle, ask yourself the questions below before filing your listing application to us.

Is your project related to real-life applications?

There are some bubbles out there in the blockchain and crypto space. At OKEx, we focus on advancing the development of blockchain technology instead of speculations, that’s why we hope to list projects that are practicalhighly applicable to the real-world usages, and accessible to as many people as possible. If yours is a killer project, we would be desperate to list it.

Do you have a business plan for the long-run with solid research and strategy?

Listing is not final. Sustaining a strong and healthy business growth is the next mission for your project to thrive, and it is what we weigh the most when reviewing an application. A good business plan features strategies of token issuance and distribution, product development, marketing, and financing, etc. An impressive portfolio of your team would add a great value to your application.

Is your project technically well-grounded and secure?

Technology is the heart of every blockchain project. Any vulnerability can cause cyber theft and put the reputation of your project and us at risk. Make sure your core technology, security, and tech team are strong enough to withstand our rigorous review. Don’t get loose even after listing, because a material technical flaw could bring your project down from our list.

Is your project compliant and legal?

OKEx is one of the major exchanges that have the highest standard in terms of compliance and regulatory oversight. Any project that is believed to be fraudulent or related to money laundering or any other crimes will be rejected or even blacklisted.

Can your coin/token create enough liquidity for our users?

Only when your digital asset is liquid enough, there are sufficient buy and sell orders in the market for our users to trade and access your product. Prepare a projection with concrete and data and reasonable estimation to persuade us during the review.

Do you have enough support from your community?

Creating an open and transparent community is our key strategy, and we would like our listed project teams to think the same. To notch up your listing campaign, you may need to review your community work on Twitter, Facebook, Github, and Reddit, etc, to ensure your community is highly engaged and your development progress is sufficiently made known to them.

Which listing method suits your project best?

As announced in May, our new listing regime features three channels of listing, namely Listing Vote, collaboration, and community building. Each channel demands a unique type of strength. If your team is strong at investment pitching, you may opt for the collaboration channel to seek investment from OK Blockchain Capital and get direct listing. If your project already owns a large user base, the community building channel would be the suitable option to convert your users into liquidity.

Is your security deposit ready?

Regardless of which listing channel you choose, you are required to make a security deposit depending on the market your project is going to list on. The fund will be used as a compensation to cover the losses of investors and users in case the project encounters a substantial problem, such as data theft, technical flaws, security issues, and market manipulation, to name a few.

The security deposit amounts are:
a) OKB market: 200,000 OKB
b) OKB/BTC/ETH markets: 250,000 OKB
c) OKB/BTC/ETH/USDT markets: 300,000 OKB

The security deposit will be fully returned to the project team in a 12-month instalment starting from the second month of listing.

For the detailed OKEx listing regime, please refer to:

OKEx New Listing Regime
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FAQ: how much listing fee does OKEx charge?

No, we don’t charge any fee for listing on OKEx. But except for the security deposit, we do request a marketing budget from project teams for user engagement campaigns to be held before and after listing.

Also, be alert to scams

Project teams are a common target for scammers. Please beware of the followings to avoid any loss:

  1. The only official link to apply for listing on OKEx is THIS. Please double check to make sure the link is hosted on
  2. DO NOT send any form of payment (crypto or fiat) to any parties claiming to assist with the listing process and beware of email spoofing.
  3. When in doubt, email us at to verify the information received.

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