Rethinking our times of being tested and evolving

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” 


Blessed, we grew fast amid challenges

Now, OKEx is a young adult.

Dated back to 2017, amidst the rapid changes in technology, economy, and society, OKEx was born to the new blockchain world full of unknowns.

As a newborn, we eagerly strove to acquire the basics of living in the competitive industry abounded by doubts, uncertainties, and yet possibilities. Very soon, we had the first trading pairs listed, and our token list gradually expanded, from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, then to Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and many more others, just to name a few.

As our technology was maturing, we did tumble and fall for a few times along the way. Sometimes a valuable lesson was learned the easy way, and sometimes, fortunately, the hard way.

But we are so blessed. With the support of our dear users and investors, we started growing in scale and climbed to the top of CoinMarketCap, fast.

Then we started to think big on blockchain

When growing up, like every teenager, we started to think big, have our own imaginations, and become unsettled with the status quo. Wild as this may sound, we believe blockchain technology and digital assets are the way out for innovations, by eliminating barriers, boosting efficiency and opening up opportunities.

Our mission started taking shape:

OKEx is to make happen, connecting ambitious innovations to earnest supporters.

We’ve been trying to stay a step ahead

Stepping into maturity, with the capabilities we have acquired, we start to realize our mission and bring our imaginations of blockchain to life. Over the time, particularly the past year, we have taken steps into the unbeaten paths to build a fairer, more transparent and promising platform for both project teams and traders.

Sometimes we make mistakes, but every time when we do, we learn and correct them.

Because we believe, where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity.

Here are some of the steps we have taken:

1. OKB, our global utility token

Issued by OK Blockchain Foundation, OKB is our key to building a worldwide ecosystem of digital assets trading. The token serves to incentivize trading on the platform with OKB holders-exclusive privileges, such as service fee rebates and right for listing vote, while we are developing our own blockchain.

Use cases of OKB:
✔ Happy Friday bonus sharing
Global Partners program
✔ OKB fee-free trading market
✔ Designated Merchant
✔ Discounted fees
Exchange Traded Tracker
Listing Vote
Open Partnership Program

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2. First major exchange to list Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a hard-fork spin-off from Bitcoin, was under the spotlight during its debut. We opened the first BCH market that enabled users to trade a dozen of tokens directly against BCH without using BTC or ETH as an intermediary.

3. First to launch futures trading

We are the first digital asset exchange to launch futures trading to the market. Supporting eight tokens, namely BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, XRP, EOS, and BTG, it allows users to leverage the value of digital assets and explore multiplied returns. Algo orders are also available for users to aid their trading.

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4. Listing Vote

Among the first of its kind, our Listing Vote regime is a cornerstone in building a fair, decentralized, and transparent ecosystem of OKEx. This is an inclusive, community-based listing process to allow aspiring and qualified project teams to get elected and listed on our trading platform with the endorsement of our Prime Investors and thousands of traders. The regime keeps evolving as it has gone through 3 phases so far. New Listing Vote incentives, such as vote-incentive token and incentive vote mechanism, have been added to make the voting process more engaging and rewarding.

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5. Open Partnership Program

As a key part in our global ecosystem expansion roadmap, the Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program is the world’s first white-label solution to enable capable OK Partners to establish their own digital asset exchange in their own brands with our state-of-the-art blockchain architecture and technology. All OK Partner Exchanges can share the enormous market depth and liquidity pool with OKEx, while retaining full autonomy in their own management, token listing, and releasing their own native tokens.

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6. Industry’s first token delisting mechanism

While regulations on blockchain and digital assets are still in infancy, we have been self-compliant in many aspects and spend great efforts in monitoring every listed project, just to maintain a fair, transparent, and orderly trading environment. Given there are rare cases that some listed projects are poorly managed, to protect the interests of our traders, we have launched the industry’s first delisting mechanism, which allows us to remove ill-performing projects / tokens from the trading list.

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7. CoinAll, the first OK Partner Exchange

Yes, we have launched a new exchange label. Named CoinAll, the new brand is the first of the 100 OK Partner exchanges and is set as an epitome of the “transaction mining + transaction fee rebates” revenue model for all other OK Partners. CoinAll has issued 10 billion platform tokens, CAC, which will be highly integrated with the OKB ecosystem. And like every OK Partner exchange, the new brand also enjoys full autonomy in management and token listing.

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A resolution takes courage and resolution

Making changes with blockchain is not only our promise to the world; we deem it as our responsibility.

We are very clear that our responsibility is not limited to our project teams, or our millions of users, or even our OKExers — but also to the present and the next generation. We have a mission to improve society, and this mission requires the courage and resolution of OKExers to make it happen. We believe we are now on the right track.

We have already embarked on this journey, and we will, by all means, go ahead.



Risk Warning: Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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