Win an iPhone8 with OKEx

【WIN an iPhone8 with OKEx】
Thank you for your continuous support for OKEx, we have decided to giveaway an iPhone 8 64GB (Unit price: HKD $5,988) for the first person to predict what the correct (or the closest) OKEx BTC/USD price would be on Nov 17, 2017 at 5:00pm.

All you have to do is:
1. [LIKE] the OKEX Facebook page (setting must be set to public);
2. [LIKE] this post, comment below with your proposed Bitcoin price on OKEx and tag 3 of your friends. For example: [5672 @marychan @lilyrose @patwong] ;
3. [SHARE] this post (setting must be set to public).
**Contest ends Nov 16, 2017.
**Winner will be announced on Telegram –

OKEx ( is a global digital asset trading platform providing spot and derivative trading for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin/ Ethereum/ Litecoin etc.

Terms & Conditions:
1. The OKEx BTC/USD price will be taken on November 17th 2017 at 5:00pm HKT;
2. OKEx will pick ONE lucky contester to win ONE brand new iPhone8 64GB;
3. For winner residing outside of Hong Kong, we will send out the equivalent amount in Apple gift cards instead of the iPhone8. User must comply with the T&C of the gift card provider, OKEx will not be responsible;
4. Winner will be chosen by OKEx internally, results will be announced on Telegram –;
5. Winner will be notified via Facebook private message on November 21st 2017;
6. Every contestant must complete all 3 steps and each contestant can only participate once. Any subsequent tries would be discarded;
7. OKEx will reserve the rights to disqualify any contestant based on any malicious activities.;
8. Editing of comment after submission is prohibited;
9. Any comments / pictures deemed inappropriate by OKEx will be removed immediately;
10. The winner of the contest will be notified of the location and time to pick up the prize; Failure to arrive at the arranged location and time would result to a forfeiture of the prize;
11. Personal information collected in this event is used only for this activity and is bound by the company’s personal data protection policy;
12. OKEx reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.


【OKEx送你iPhone8 - 與你⼀起Bitcoin猜價】
只要於11月16日前完成以下簡單動作,猜中最接近OKEx的BTC美元價格於11月17日下午5時正時的價位為勝出者,即得到最新iPhone8 64GB(價值$5,988)!
1. 「讚好」本專⾴成為 @OKEX 粉絲(必須設為公開);
2. 「讚好」本 Post,在本post寫上你⼼⽬中價格,再Tag 上3位朋友。 例如:「5672 @marychan @lilyrose @patwong 」
3. 「分享」本 Post(必須 設為公開)。


1. – OKEx BTC美元價格截於11月17日下午5時正,而整段遊戲期間為2017年10⽉18⽇下午6時正⾄11⽉16⽇結束日,時間以Facebook 伺服器為準; The OKEx BTC/USD price will be taken on November 17th 2017 at 5:00pm.
2. – OKEx會選出一位朋友作為獲獎者,並送出全新iPhone8 64GB(價值$5,988)乙部(共一位名額);
3. – 海外勝出者,我們會寄出同樣價值的禮物卡,禮物卡適用於Apple Inc.。禮物卡條款細則歸於所屬公司,OKEx不接受任何爭議;
4. – 得奬者經由OKEx内部甄選,Telegram會公佈獲獎名單,敬請留意;
5. – OKEx Facebook專⾴會於11⽉21⽇在OKEx Facebook專⾴直接聯絡勝出者,敬請留意;
6. – 每個 Facebook ⽤⼾必須完成遊戲玩法每一步驟,只可參加遊戲⼀次,重複留⾔及提交答案,亦只作⼀次參加;
7. – 如發現任何蓄意以虛號、假帳⼾或不誠實⽅法參加是次活動,OKEx有權取消該參加者的參加資格,⽽毋須另⾏通知;
8. – 留⾔⼀經提交,不得修改,修改者將不獲入選資格;
9. – 參加者提供之留⾔不可包含誹謗性的、錯誤的、違法的、辱罵性的、具侵犯性的、令⼈不安 的、侵害他⼈私隱的、帶有種族、宗教、性別歧視的或猥褻性的內容。OKEx有絕對權利移除有關相 ⽚或留⾔⽽不作事前通知;
10. – 得獎者須到香港指定地址出示有效⾝份證明⽂件領獎,如未能於指定⽇期及地點換領獎品, 則為棄權論;
11. – 獎品以實物為準,不得對換現⾦和不得退換,並說⾃⾏承擔任何運輸安排或其他所需⽀付費 ⽤;
12. – 如有任何爭議,OKEx保留最終決定權。


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