Notice of Change of Index Constituents

Dear OKEx’s User,

We noticed some price deviation, mispricing and volatility in OKEx’s Futures market due to the recent uncertainty and instability in BTC and LTC’s Spot Market.

In consideration of market stability and safety of client’s monies, OKEx’s would change the index constituents as below:

1),, Huobi, BTC China would be temporarily delisted from BTC and LTC’s index constituents from Sep 30, 2017 applicable to all OKEx’s Futures (Weekly, Bi-weekly and Quarterly)

2) Kraken, bitfinex would be added into component of BTC and LTC’s USD Index. Hence the updated index would be weighted and constructed with price from Bitstamp, Coinbase, bitfinex and Kraken.

3) 0915, 0922 and 0929-settled BTC and LTC Contracts would be settled in accordance with the calculated price from the current index. Upon settlement of 0929’s contracts, the aforementioned BTC & LTC Index, with updated constituents and weighting, would be employed for all OKEx’s Futures afterwards.

As a global leading exchange in digital assets, it is the OKEx’s core value and mission that we are striving to offer a flexible, best-in-class, trading services for digital assets. OKEx Technology Company Limited, as an international company, would continue to service global crypto-citizens while taking into the consideration of local rules and regulations.

Thank you for your continued support of OKEx.

OKEx Team
Tel: +852 5808 5768
Sep 15, 2017

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