Dear Users,

OKEx is proud to announce today the historic launch of token-to-token trading on our platform.

From today OKEx will support spot trading in pair-trade currencies. Users are able to trade LTC/BTC, ETH/BTC, ETC/BTC. Furthermore, both deposit and withdrawal functions for LTC, ETH, and ETC are supported.

By enabling token-to-token trading, OKEx is deepening its support of the broad range of cryptocurrencies and giving investors access to the widest range of investment options and alternatives. We have always followed the principles of supporting innovations in cryptocurrency, of providing a wide variety of options and opportunities for our clients, and of delivering security and transparency to our exchange clients. The addition of this token-to-token trading will enable users to further benefit from the rise of the many new types of cryptocurrencies that have emerged in recent years.

Bitcoin and digital currencies have grown from their humble beginnings in 2009 to now encompassing a wide variety of digital assets, with new token launches coming to market continuously. It is worth noting that as recently as November 2013, BTC’s spot price had only just crossed $1000 for the first time. Today that price is over $3000, and the market cap of BTC exceeds $50 billion, with a following of millions of investors across more than a hundred countries.
With the evolution of the cryptocurrency market, OKEx will continue to expand and improve its offering. We thank our users for their support, and we will continue to deliver you the most robust and complete cryptocurrency trading platform.

OKEx:+852 5808 5768
August 14, 2017

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