OKEx BCC Deposits Available

Subject: OKEx BCC Deposits Available
Date: August 6, 2017
To: All OKEx users

After thorough and comprehensive technical assessment, OKEx has decided to officially launch BCC deposit capabilities.

The following are the click-through instructions to make BCC deposits:
Login OKEx -> Account-> Deposit -> Currency -> Select “BCC Deposit”

It is expected that there will be more BCC blocks created in the near future. OKEx is committed to safeguarding its users’ BCC deposits from 51% attacks and transaction malleability, and to ensure valid user deposits.

OKEx would also like to remind users that they should expect longer wait times for BCC transaction verification, when compared to BTC or LTC deposits, as BCC requires a greater number of nodes to mine and verify the transaction.

OKEx intends to offer BCC withdrawal capabilities at a future date, subject to a review and assessment of BCC technology.

OKEx will continue to improve our products and services, in keeping with our mission to offer a best-in-class trading service for digital assets.

Thank you for your continued support of OKEx.

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