How will your BCC balance be calculated and collected on OKEx

Dear OKEx Users,

Beijing Time August 1st, 2017 (20:20pm) – Bitcoin Cash (BCC) will begin mining. Hence in order to serve our users the best we could, OKEx will commence an audit on our accounts. Details as follow:

1. Beijing time 20:20 on August 1, OKEx will take snapshot on users’ futures account, and calculate the BCC balance according to the BTC balance remaining in the account. Afterwards, you are advised to collect BCC in your OKEx spot account from your,, and OKEx futures account (can be logged in using account), and all the collected BCC will be saved in your OKEx spot account. New BTC deposit after the snapshot on AUG 1 20:20 (Beijing time) will not receive the BCC from chain split.

2. If you fail to collect BCC, the reason should be that you have registered multiple accounts with,, and OKEx using your phone number or email address. To accurately assign users ownership as well as to protect the most interest of our users, please contact our customer service team to verify your identity and collect your BCC balance.

3. We expect trading on BCC/BTC would begin once the very first BCC is mined from its Blockchain.

4. For the sake of avoiding possible replay attack, especially during the time when BCC is converting with BTC, OKEx shall amend the time of resuming services on deposit, withdrawal and inter-account transfer upon further notices.

OKEx will continue to improve our products and strive to provide the best services that our users deserve.

OKEX:+852 5808 5768
August 1st, 2017

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