Introducing OKB: Global Utility Token

As a world-leading digital asset exchange with financial services ranging from fiat-to-token, token-to-token, and derivatives trading, OKEx strives to build a community of users using blockchain technology, to allow sharing of information and user participation in platform development. To achieve that, we are launching OKB – a token sharing system.   What is OKB? OKB is … Continue reading Introducing OKB: Global Utility Token

Real Asset Securitization on Blockchain: Eliminating Risks and Enhancing Efficiency

Blockchain technology has transformed the entire landscape of financial transactions. Despite being riddled with controversies over its decentralized and autonomous format, blockchain is here to stay. In a span of just a decade, it has found immeasurable uses in various spheres. One of the areas that blockchain provides great benefit is in securitization of real … Continue reading Real Asset Securitization on Blockchain: Eliminating Risks and Enhancing Efficiency

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Categories

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto published his controversial paper titled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash system’ in 2008, a whole new ecosystem consisting of cryptocurrencies/ digital assets / tokens in their thousands emerged under the global spotlight.  There are literally new tokens being released everyday so how can any sane investors keep track of all the … Continue reading Top 7 Cryptocurrency Categories

OKEx Policy for Segwit2x HardFork

Dear OKEx user, Ever since SegWit was activated on the Bitcoin blockchain, the developer community has been constantly debating on how to scale this controversial cryptocurrency.  Some believe that the block size should remain at 1M and scaling could be achieved by technology such as the lightning network. However, others are convinced that the best … Continue reading OKEx Policy for Segwit2x HardFork